Avoid Headaches on Your Trip to Europe

A performance tour to Europe is an amazing and exciting opportunity. The entire trip brings a wide view and exposure to new culture, music, food, art and history. Even though a trip to Europe sounds exciting, it can be a challenge if not prepared properly.

When in the planning stage of travel, think about places to see, budget for travel, accommodations, restaurants and entertainment options. In this post we will cover the best tips for planning a European trip. Don’t forget to pack well!

Get Your Passport Now

Passport Delays on a Performance Tour of Europe

Apply for your passport early or check your current passport expiration date. It is recommended that a passport be valid up to six months after end of travel date. Delays in passport processing are not uncommon. Common reasons for passport delays include lack of support documentation, procrastination in application, and slow mail delivery. The USPS has an expedited option if passport application is delayed, but there are no guarantees.

Transit Pass

Europe is much more pedestrian than the United States, on average. Design of cities and towns reflect this general lifestyle. One of the best ways to travel across the country to see and do everything on your list is to use the train or Underground. It is much more cost effective than any other form of transportation while traveling in Europe.

Check Currency and Payment Options

Many people elect to use their credit and debit cards while abroad. Before travel ensure payment forms will be accepted in visited destinations. Many places in Europe only accept cash.

Many countries in Europe are part of the E.U. which uses the Euro as the currency type. However, not all vendors are members of the E.U. and may not accept the Euro. Convert any currency prior to the close of the trading centers.

Reserve Accommodations

Staying in hostels is a fun way to save money while traveling in Europe. However, hostels are subject to rapid fluctuations in availability, therefore reserve prior to arrival.

Booking hotel accommodations early will ensure that you have a place to lay your head at night and often comes with a reduced rate. Staying in a hotel assures a bit more privacy as well.

Hotel reservations are part of performance tours with American Classic allowing you to enjoy your trip without worry.

Remember to apply for your passport early! Stop by your local United States Post Office to complete the Passport application and then find the tour you want to take today!